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Ontario Pork Marketing provides innovative marketing services for Ontario pork producers, specializing in sales, logistics, settlement and risk management. We provide a competitive advantage to producers through efficient, comprehensive marketing services and strong relationships with numerous processors, and related industry stakeholders. In addition to working closely with processor procurement staff we work in conjunction with export brokers, commodity brokers, transporters and assemblers. d assemblers.

Our dedicated, experienced staff provides a wealth of marketing information to producer members, which in concert with our state of the art information systems infrastructure allows our producer members to take advantage of production and marketing opportunities.

Our proven sales strategies and our extensive industry relationships make us the marketer of choice for Ontario pork producers.

If you are experiencing any difficulties logging in to this site, please email us at: marketingdivision@ontariopork.on.ca
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This website will give access to an individual's producer, processor or transporter information in a quick, user-friendly format. 

We welcome any and all feedback. As you use this site and become familiar with it, please take a couple of minutes and let us know by email what you think or give suggestions for improvements.

If you do not have a login and password, please contact at 1-800-862-9001. You can also e-mail us at marketingdivision@ontariopork.on.ca. Remember to include your producer or transporter number or plant code, name and phone number so we can contact you.

Ontario Pork Marketing Division
Phone: 1-800-862-9001
E-mail:  marketingdivision@ontariopork.on.ca

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